On hot days, car air conditioning is an invaluable ally, providing a comfortable temperature inside your vehicle. To ensure your air conditioning system functions properly, regular refrigerant refills are necessary. CGS offers a comprehensive car air conditioning recharging service, ensuring efficient performance throughout the season.

Why Choose Our Air Conditioning Recharging Service?

  • Professional Approach: Our experienced technicians have the necessary qualifications and certifications to provide high-quality services.
  • Modern Equipment: We use the latest diagnostic and service equipment, allowing for precise refrigerant refilling and leak detection.
  • Comprehensive Service: We offer not only air conditioning recharging but also cabin filter checks and replacements, system cleaning, and diagnostics and repair of any issues.

How Does the Air Conditioning Recharging Process Work at Our Shop?

  1. Diagnosis and System Check: Before starting the recharging process, we check the technical condition of your air conditioning system to ensure there are no leaks and the system is sealed.
  2. Removing Old Refrigerant: We remove any remaining old refrigerant, moisture, and contaminants from the system.
  3. Vacuum and Leak Test: We create a vacuum to remove air and moisture from the system, then perform a leak test.
  4. Recharging the Air Conditioning: We introduce the appropriate amount of new refrigerant according to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations.
  5. Performance Check: After the recharging process, we test the air conditioning system to ensure it cools effectively.

Why Regular Air Conditioning Recharging is Important?

Regular refrigerant refills ensure:

  • Optimal Efficiency: The air conditioning system works efficiently, quickly cooling the vehicle’s interior.
  • Component Protection: The correct amount of refrigerant protects the compressor and other system components from damage.
  • Travel Comfort: Maintaining the right temperature inside the vehicle enhances driving comfort, especially on hot days.

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