Engine Repair at CGS MOTORS Car Service Network

Car while a car engine is running, it can experience different issues and breakdowns. Regular engine maintenance is vital to keep the vehicle efficient and ensure safety. Neglecting signs of problems can result in a major failure of the engine system. If you’re facing engine issues, it’s a good idea to seek help from CGS MOTORS automotive workshops for diagnosis, repairs, and, if needed, a complete engine overhaul to address the problems comprehensively.

Engine Repair at CGS MOTORS Car Service Network

Symptoms of Car Engine Malfunctions

Engine Repair

Problems with the engine can manifest with characteristic symptoms that should not be underestimated. In case any of the following symptoms occur, it is necessary to entrust the vehicle to CGS MOTORS mechanics:

Significant oil loss.

Smoke from the exhaust pipe. Blue smoke, combined with oil loss, indicates engine problems, while black smoke may be caused by, among other things, a malfunctioning injector, a contaminated air filter, or a worn-out turbine.

Oil leaks may indicate worn and loosened pipes and gaskets, a cracked oil pan, or significant engine wear. Oil leaks pose a danger to the engine and should not be ignored.

Oil traces on the air filter suggest a blown head gasket or blow-by from the combustion chambers, resulting from worn piston rings.

The engine check engine light illuminating, often ignored by drivers. This light can signal minor malfunctions, but also serious engine failures that can lead to the destruction of the power unit.

Knocking sounds from the engine may indicate problems with the timing or engine crankshaft bearings. In the worst case, an engine overhaul will be necessary. In the face of such symptoms, it is advisable to promptly visit an automotive workshop.

Other symptoms indicating engine problems include, among others:

• Thick sludge visible under the oil filler cap,

• Changes in idle speed,

• Uneven engine operation,

• Starting problems with the power unit.

Causes of Car Engine Failures

Engine Overhaul

Car engine failures can result from technological and design defects, improper vehicle operation, or natural wear and tear of parts due to long-term use.

The most common causes of car engine failures include:

• Aggressive driving on a cold engine.

• Heavy loading at low revs, leading to low oil pressure.

• Engine overheating due to neglect in the cooling system.

• Neglect in periodic inspections and servicing of the engine.

• Improper selection of engine oil.

• Maintaining an incorrect level of engine oil.

• Timing belt or chain breakage.

• Engine seizure.

• Damage to the head gasket.

• Traffic accident.

The car engine is subject to various loads. To avoid problems with the power unit, it is advisable to use high-quality lubricants and engine oils and regularly perform vehicle technical inspections.

Everything You Need to Know About Engine Repair

Car Engine Repair

Engine repairs are among the most complex and require specialized knowledge. It is not easy to diagnose engine malfunctions due to the number of components that could fail in the propulsion system. Therefore, it is worth entrusting the repair of the car engine to trusted specialists. CGS MOTORS automotive service centers have extensive experience in repairing car engines. Additionally, they have quick access to high-quality car parts.

Car Engine Repair Service for Petrol Engines

Engine Overhaul

In case of suspicious noise, ignition problems, or engine overheating, contact the CGS MOTORS automotive workshop specializing in petrol engine repairs. Do not wait for a small problem to cause serious engine damage. An experienced mechanic can inspect and repair petrol engines at an affordable price, providing tips on how to care for the vehicle’s power unit.

Car Engine Repair Service for Diesel Engines

The service life of a diesel engine is significantly longer than that of petrol engines. Regular maintenance is very important. Diesel engines are exposed to heavy loads. Therefore, it is often impossible to avoid damage. Neglecting to change the engine oil can lead to serious damage. Engine repairs can be costly. It is important to consult an expert for engine damage from the very beginning. CGS MOTORS workshops offer comprehensive support for repairing high-pressure engines.

Engine Overhaul at CGS MOTORS Service Centers

CGS MOTORS automotive workshops combine a focus on customer service standards and the quality of services provided. Qualified vehicle mechanics work in CGS MOTORS service centers, for whom customer satisfaction and driver safety are paramount. The services specialize in basic and advanced repairs and overhauls of engines. CGS MOTORS workshops are equipped with technologically advanced equipment that allows for efficient repairs in line with standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I repair the engine?

The engine repair should be carried out by specialists with experience in such services. Repairing the power unit requires precision and accuracy, and there is no room for any mistakes, as the proper functioning of the car depends on it. To be sure that the engine repair will be carried out thoroughly, it is worth using the services of CGS MOTORS workshop mechanics.

What is included in a complete engine overhaul service?

• Dismantling the engine and its accessories;

• Regeneration of the crankshaft and camshaft/s if needed;

• Engine block regeneration;

• Cylinder head regeneration;

• Installation of new crankshaft bearings, pistons and piston rings, valves, and guides;

• Installation of new gaskets (head gasket, valve cover gasket, crankshaft and camshaft sealings, etc.);

• Installation of new engine head screws;

• Installation of a new timing drive (belt or chain), along with accessories (pulleys, gears, tensioner if necessary) and coolant pump;

• It is recommended to replace or regenerate the oil pump;

• Installation of a new multi-ribbed belt;

• Replacement of coolant, engine oil, air filter, and oil filter.

• Installation of new engine mounts;

• Installation of the power unit.

How long does an engine overhaul take?

Engine overhaul is a complex process, so the time required for its repair depends on the number of activities needed to fully restore its efficiency and the availability of replacement parts for a specific engine model. If the engine repair is limited to minor activities, the service completion time will be shorter. In the case of a major engine overhaul, expect at least a week for the car to be in the CGS MOTORS service. It should be noted that this time may be extended depending on the availability of replacement parts. The experience of automotive service specialists can also influence the engine repair time. Therefore, it is advisable to use the services of CGS MOTORS workshop mechanics, who have the necessary skills for effective engine repair.

When is a complete engine overhaul necessary?

Engine overhaul may be necessary due to excessive wear of mechanical components and internal seals. Vehicles with high mileage may require a complete overhaul of the power unit, but it all depends on how the vehicle was serviced. A major engine overhaul may be required after serious propulsion system failures such as timing chain or belt breakage, engine seizure due to lack of oil, crankshaft bearing rotation, or blown head gasket.

The need for a complete overhaul of the power unit may be caused by improper installation and adjustment of the gas installation, deposits in the power unit.

How much does a complete engine overhaul cost?

A complete engine overhaul is considered one of the more expensive services. It all depends on the number of components that need to be replaced or repaired. The price for engine repair can only be estimated by CGS MOTORS workshop employees after disassembling the power unit.


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